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    Teeth whitening

    Staining can really dull your smile, At Dentology Dental Care we utilize contemporary techniques to minimize staining and discolouration. We are also able to repair damage and discolouration through our extensive cosmetic dentistry Give us a call to schedule an appointment 03 9587 7777

    There are many factors that will affect the brightness of your smile; we look to re-instate a healthy bright shine with our teeth whitening techniques.  Staining and discoloration can be the result of many factors, Coffee/caffeine, wine and smoking just to name a few. Luckily we cater to your needs with procedures that will really deliver. We also offer trusted take home methods so you can achieve a whiter smile at home!  

    Teeth whitening by qualified professionals

    To achieve the best results for teeth whitening we recommend that our qualified dentists assist your whitening transformation. Dentology Dental Care are committed to providing you with the best results possible, we have years of experienced in all aspects of the teeth whitening process. We also cater to all of your cosmetic dental needs in your pursuit of the perfect smile.
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    The Teeth Whitening Procedure

    Teeth Whitening is chemical lightening process used to remove stains and discolouration from teeth. To achieve teeth whitening two main types of active whitening ingredients are used. We use Hydrogen Peroxide for provides a fast whitening effect whilst Carbamide Peroxide makes for a more gentle slower whitening. By applying these whitening chemicals to your teeth, they break down into oxygen ions & water. These ions pare able to penetrate your teeth enamel and attack break down stain molecules down to a colourless form. These colourless molecules are then naturally removed by saliva.

    How do my teeth get discoloured?

    Tooth discolouration is a result of many factors; commonly these include poor dental hygiene, coffee, smoking, food, medication, tea, disease, ageing, genetic influences, medical treatments and more.

    Looking to put a stop to the tooth discolouration? At Dentology Dental Care we offer a variety of treatments, call us now to begin your teeth whitening process.

    Interested in Whiter Teeth?

    Looking for teeth whitening in the Bayside area? Want to improve the shine of your smile? Drop us a line and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

    Interested in Whiter Teeth?

    Friendly Service, relaxed patients

    Our number one priority is to provide our patients with the best dental care, whether it is general dental or cosmetic dental transformations, we are focused on creating a comfortable relaxing environment catering for even the most nervous patients.

    Call us today to make an enquiry about our teeth whitening services or any other of our cosmetic dentistry options. 

    For a free consultation for implants and invisalign, please call us on  03 9587 7777.

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